About us

We are family-run business based in Poole, Dorset UK. 
In the past few months, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world to a halt, highlighting the need to keep our hands clean. And with the threat of a second wave of the virus, hand washing is going to be a necessity in the fight against Covid. However, there are some places where hand washing facilities are limited, or simply not practical. Here at Supply Sustainable Solutions UK, we have come up with a solution to keep your staff and your customers safe. 
We are a new UK manufacturer of hand sanitiser dispenser stations, made of 100% recyclable materials. Our mirror polished stainless-steel dispensers are operated hands-free by a foot pump, making it more hygienic than regular sanitiser dispensers, which require you to use your hands. With space for up to one litre of hand sanitiser, you can rest assured that your staff and customers will be protected. And if you run out of gel, we provide a weekly re-filling liquid to customers in the Dorset area. 

New Product Development

Currently, our engineering team is working on the a version of hand sanitiser dispenser.  

Release date: 17/10/2020


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